How to set a Password for the Guest account in Windows XP

I have a small Workgroup network in my office, and the benefit of having a network like this is that you can transfer and share files between the computers easily without the need to use medias such as a pendrive. These computers are hooked up through a simple modem router which costs less than RM250 I think.

While I was setting the sharing folder up, I took screenshots because I guess it will make a good entry on this blog.

User Accounts

The whole process is pretty straight forward. Firstly, create a folder on one of the computer which acts like a file server. Then, right click on the newly created folder, select Properties, and check the option “Share this folder on the network”. So far so good, the folder is now shared on the network and should be accessible from other computers.

Now, to make the folder slightly more secure we want to set a password for the Guest account, which of course must be enabled. Microsoft makes it hard for newbies to do this because by default there is no option to set a password for the Guest account!

To set a password to the Guest account on Windows XP, you need to do this:

Click Start > Run > Enter cmd and click OK.

In the DOS window type the following and press Enter.

Net user guest password

Go to Control Panel > User Accounts. Click on the Guest account and now you can change the password! 🙂

Net user

Alternatively, you can set the password straight away in the DOS window by entering the following command:

Net user guest *

and press the Enter key. After that, enter your password two times for confirmation.

Now, you can access the shared folder from another computer through the local network, the system will prompt for you to login. Simply enter “Guest” as the ID, and then supply the password you have just set.

Happy! 🙂