The requested operation requires elevation

You might run into this message “The requested operation requires elevation” when you are trying some naughty commands in Windows Vista. Refer to the screen shot below which comes up if you ran the ipconfig /flushdns command. Well, you get this message because you do not have enough privilege or permission to run the command, […]

How to recover deleted files?

You have just accidentally deleted your 3 years worth of xxx pictures collection. You sweat, a and desperately wanting to recover the files! How can you undelete them? No worries. On default Windows configuration, Windows does not delete the files at all when you press the delete button. It simply moved the files to the […]

Login Windows XP faster…

It’s frustrating to have to click on your username every time to get into Windows XP, the boot up process already takes ages, now I will still need to click on the user name to login… Is there a way to get rid of this stupid login as I am the only user and I […]

Your Recycle Bin is full?

What can you do if your Recycle Bin is full? Of course you can just trash all the rubbish inside and then you have an empty and fresh bin to work with. But, do you know the beauty with Windows’ Recycle Bin is that you can increase and decrease its size as you wish? The […]

Copy and paste data from DOS screen

If you’re still using DOS or console mode programs that output results to the screen directly, you maybe looking for a way to capture what’s displayed on the screen. There is no popup menu, no drop down menu… so, how to copy and paste data from and to the screen/program? Let me share with you […]