Vista Source Code Leaked Out to the Public

Vista Announcement

I bet that picture caught your interest. Who doesn’t want to get a free Windows yeah?

Now, before you go and search Microsoft’s website for a free edition of their their ‘over the top expensive and fairly new’ Operating System, you might just want to finish reading this article first. You just might change your mind about switching to Vista.

Have you ever wondered why every initial release of a Windows is never the best in quality and is always full of bugs? Now you can see what Windows Vista is clearly made of.

Some of you might have seen this lingering around the Internet, but I am pretty sure there are some who have yet to see this.

I saw this yesterday night and thought I’d share it with you guys.

Vista Code

Some people didn’t think that this was funny, but I not only thought it was a ‘bull’s eye’, it was a work of a genius.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Disclaimer : Just in case, this is a joke.