Steve Ballmer uses a MacBook for presentations

Can you believe this? Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft) was seen with a MacBook at the podium while he gave his presentation. Not sure if he was actually seen using the MacBook though.

Steve Ballmer, presentation

Haha… anyway, as some Flickr commenters pointed out Steve Ballmer didn’t actually use the MacBook for his presentation. The picture was real and authentic, and that was also his presentation slide which was most likely driven by another computer. That MacBook in the picture was left behind by some other people, perhaps the conference organizers or a previous presenter.

Too bad, I actually hoped that was his MacBook!

On another thought, even if he was using a MacBook for his presentation, there is nothing too surprising, right? Macs run Windows just like any other laptops, and also PowerPoint for Mac OS X. So, as long as he’s still using Microsoft Windows, there isn’t anything to shout about. 🙂