How to run multiple instances of Windows Live Messenger (MSN)

I am sure by now you have enjoyed to the max the excitement of putting a web messenger on your website or blog. Your visitors can now chat and interact with you directly. Your website or blog has become more lively and interactive! First in Malaysia (after mine lar)!!! 🙂

You may have also grabbed a few new @live or IDs and would like to use them on Windows Live Messenger (previously known as MSN). Now, with all these new accounts, how can you run multiple instances of Windows Live Messenger and use the different accounts simultaneously? Ask Kitkat! 🙂


OK. Since we are here, we might as well upgrade Windows Live Messenger to the latest 8.5 version. Among other things, the latest version’s improvement on the interface is worth the upgrade. Now it looks more like Vista. Check my MSN avatar above, make you horny or not? Hahaha…

Download and upgrade Windows Live Messenger here.

The download should be fast because it only contains the code to kick start the setup. You need to stay connected to the Internet to complete the upgrade…

Multiple MSN

Basically, you select what components you want/need. I don’t need all those Writer, toolbar, photo gallery, and family safety… so my upgrading was quite fast.


Well, you are done if you don’t want to use multiple messenger at the same time. But if you do want to use multiple MSN accounts at the same time and you do not want to use third party instant messengers such as Trillian and Pidgin, then you get Messenger Plus! – the ultimate Windows Live Messenger extension.

Messenger Live! Plus

Trust me, Messenger Plus! Live is one essential add-on for Windows Live Messenger. I have personally tested and is currently using it. I am sure you will like it as much as I do. Some of the features include:

  • Tabbed Chats – Just like the beauty of tabbed web browsing.
  • Quick Texts – Automatic and customizable messages that can be sent with a simple shortcut or typed command.
  • Custom Sounds – Allow you to send your own custom sounds during a conversation.
  • Colors, formatting and commands – Choose any color you want for front and background, and add formatting, such as bold, italic, underlined and stoke-out.
  • Contacts on Desktop – Show the status of any desired contact on your desktop in the form of small floating windows.

And many more brilliant features which further add to the fun and excitement of using Windows Live Messenger. But the best is of course this:-

Multiple MSN accounts

Yeah! It gives you the option to connect to several MSN accounts simultaneously! Now you can make use of your new IDs and chat with each other when you are too bored! Hahaha…