Twitterrific bring Twitter to the iPhone

The Twitter phenomenon continues to bury itself into our lives and the latest Twitterrific 2.0 app available for the iPhone and iPod Touch makes it even more easier for you to waste your time “tweeting” from anywhere.

The application is a slick upgrade from the previous Twitterrific and provides a host of new features making it currently one of the best Twitter apps for Apple’s handheld currently.

The moment you start the app and log in to your account, you are directed to the Sources main page showing you the latest topics (so called trending topics) currently being discussed in your Twitterverse. Once you have selected an account and viewed the list of updates, you can choose to view @username profiles, and also the option of marking tweets for later reading, although with 140 words for each tweet, it’s not exactly hard to read on the spot instead of saving it.


The app also comes with three skins to give you some choices. It is available as a free download which is ad-supported, or you can choose to pay a fee to get the ad-free version.

The ability to have access to Twitter from this slick app is pretty powerful, and also allows you to be able to access Twitter using GPRS or 3G on your iPhone. For those running on iPod Touches, it is less useful as WiFi coverage here isn’t great yet, but that said, give Twitterrific a spin and you won’t need another Twitter app on your Apple handheld ever again… until the next version update that is.