Advertisements to Turn Heads

Go out anywhere today and take a look. Unless you are in Siberia or some other remote place, everywhere around you there will be promotions or advertisements telling you to buy something, try something, or just plainly conveying information to you.

Just as the Internet is no spammed with ads, we often forget that the real world is also filled with ads and useless messages.

Advertisements are out there to gain attention. Any business or organization (even non-profit organizations) hoping to grow will need advertisements and promotions targeted at their respective audiences to achieve this purpose.

Advertising agencies have a whole host of people who work to get your message out there, from professional ad directors, designers and artists, to writers. Creating an advertisement that is cost effective and catchy is what every ad professional strive for. But what really makes advertising work is creative content.

The main idea of an advertisement is of course, to gain attention. By way of creative content, such as catchy lines, graphics and photos, all of it utilizes creativity and ingenuity, to make people take that second look.

As ads can be placed anywhere, on billboards and sidewalks, banners and posters, in printed media, or digital media. The possibilities are endless. Now we even see an allout tug-of-war between Apple and Google in the mobile device advertising space. Much of the ads out there is spam, but let’s take a look at some creative ads that work.

Mozilla Firefox – Always use protection.

Frontline (Flea Spray) – Get them off your dog.

Sony Xacti (Waterproof Digital Camera)

Cemex (Fast Drying Concrete)

Samsung Plasma TV

WMF Knives – Sharper than you think.

BBC World – See both sides of the story.

Nivea – Good-bye cellulite.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX 100 (Wide Angle Camera)

WWF – You can’t afford to be slow in an emergency.

Orion Telescopes

Panasonic – With intelligent face detector.

Lays – Our potatoes are grown closer than you may think.

Brighton Language School – Refresh your forgotten.

Calcutta School of Music