Hulu – The Next Best Thing in Video Streaming

So we are all familiar with YouTube and Metacafe, both serve as video streaming platforms for users to upload and share video clips. But what about Hulu??


As I was reading through an article: You Like Hulu: Video Site Shows Strong Growth, I was having jaw-dropped moments when it announces that Hulu has been showing tremendous growth lately, with video views increased by 62% in 6 months since launched in October 2008; 380 million video views and a 2.6% market share. The author, Ben Parr claims that Hulu is to be second only to YouTube. I’m not surprised, since Hulu is actually on the no.4 spot for TIME’s Best Inventions of 2008 out of 50 other entries.

What is Hulu?

According to Internet News, Hulu is a joint venture web video site for NBC Universal and News Crop. Since October, 2008, it has been streaming video clips, ranging from full-length TV programs, movies and trailers for various networks, such as Fox, PBS and even film studios like Warner Bros, Sony etc.

Hulu videos

No downloads available, yet the viewing is F.O.C. You won’t be expecting the most recent blockbuster movies (except trailers) up there, but the good-old ones such as Fifth Element, Ghostbusters etc are to be found, along with the popular daily talk shows or drama, like Heroes, House, 24 and so on.

How is Hulu different from YouTube?

Hulu video streaming

It has strict rules about accepting unsolicited videos – so you won’t be seeing much of home-made, crazy videos from random users as in YouTube. Instead, you will be seeing a lot more productions from major studios and TV networks. There are still rooms, of course, for users’ submission, yet beware submitting copyrighted videos or you will be held responsible under the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

Who Are Likely to Enjoy Hulu?

In fact, anyone who is a big fan of movies/tv programs may appreciate the excellent streaming quality Hulu offers to the viewers. The flexibility and convenience of viewing according to your own schedule is a big plus. Also, by signing up to Hulu, you get to create reviews and discussions for the program you’ve watched.

What’s the BIGGEST Bummer of all?

Currently, it is only available in the U.S.!

However, there is still possibility for it to go aboard and if it does, there is bound to be a major impact to YouTube’s current video streaming market and viewers rate. So watch out, and be prepared to get “hulufied” anytime!