Vanity URL is Available For All Facebook Users

Facebook is going to write its history exactly at 12:01 am (ETD), 13th June as it allows ALL users to have their custom URLs. In case you’re not a Facebook user, or haven’t noticed, all these whiles only the big names like Coca-Cola, NBA, Ashton Kutcher etc and Facebook staffs get to have their usernames fixed within Facebook URLs. Whereas us little people, end up with a mixture of numbers called profile ID. It’s so much easier for your friends to find your Facebook page via ““. Consider that a mercy from Facebook. You can have all the FAQs right here.


vanity url

Why it’s Important to Claim Vanity URL for Your Username in Facebook?

Some of you may not even bothered to sacrifice your plans on THE DAY for a little silly trick like this. However, there’s something you need to know:

  • Vanity URL is your digital identity.  If you plan for business or personal branding exposures via social media sites, there’s no reason why you should risk the chance of getting your very own vanity URL with Facebook – the world’s largest social networking site.
  • An easier way to find your personal profile by search engine. Having it memorable and effortless for others to find you is the main idea.

Remember the domain-grabbing in earlier days? Pretty much the same type of frenzy. Only the webmasters are now fighting over it in Facebook.

username choices

The vanity URL grabbing spree will be conducted in first-come, first-served basis. Beneficial to users who owned their profiles before the feature was announced on 9th June 2009. So if you’re a newbie in Facebook, well better luck on 28th June then. Finger crossed that hopefully nobody will pick up the exact same branding name as yours. Also, don’t misspell your name, as it is not editable. And NO, You can’t try to sell Pepsi or whatever big names you grabbed either, it’s not transferable, and they could report you for infringement. So be honest and play fair, register your (brand) name only.

So all set for the game? Enjoy the Count Down… right now it says “0 days 11 hours 9 minutes 18 seconds”!