Embracing 4G Phones for 2010

There has been a lot of speculation recently in regards to the emergence of 4G mobile phones in 2010. And Nokia has come forward and disclosed that they will be among the frontrunners in this segment of the cell phone market by introducing 4G device hardware by utilizing the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard in 2010.

HTC MAX 4G - The first 4G / Wimax enabled phone

This is an effort by Nokia to provide faster and more stable cellular data, and it expects LTE to extend all the way until 2013, while the whole 4G experience to be fully operational latest by 2020.

On the other hand, Apple Inc. is expected to unveil the new iPhone 4G sometime this year as well! The new iPhone reportedly has dual core processers with more sophisticated graphics chips to allow you to obtain pictures and videos at higher resolutions.

Verizon Wireless is currently in the midst of testing out a CDMA version of the new iPhone 4G. This awesome new device from Apple is expected to have the capabilities of video chat as well as extreme and multi-tasking downloading abilities. Sleek and elegant is the verdict, we can’t wait! Can you?