Top 5 Travel Gadgets

Fancy travelling with some of the coolest gadgets around to keep you company? Here’s a collection of the trendiest and most sophisticated devices that one should carry while on the move. Without delay, the list itself:

1) The GPS Navigator! Forget about ever getting lost again! GPS-based navigators are the in-things of the moment, with plenty found either separately or incorporated with your GPS-receiving mobile phones. With the utilization of excellent navigation software such as Garmin to guide you along the paths, finding your way in a new city would be as easy as ABC! This eliminates the need for paper-maps, or you ever stopping at petrol kiosks or police stations any more, asking for directions. Find restaurants of your choice, shopping malls, or even hotels! Useful? You bet!

2) Sony’s evolutionary PSP! Handheld gaming consoles have come a long way since Nintendo’s legendary GameBoy and GameBoy Advance. Sony’s PSP is the craze of the moment, and you would not regret it one bit if you get your hands on one of these. Choose from a wide range of games such as NeedForSpeed Most Wanted, RPG selections such as Final Fantasy or for the football-crazy, FIFA 2010 is available on PSP as well! Never feel bored during short or long journey any more, simple turn your console on, and indulge in the gaming pleasure that it offers until you reach your destination! And with added-on-devices, your PSP could also function as a digital cam, GPS-navigator, media player, translator and even an internet browser! Now is that cool or what?

If PSP is too serious for you, Nintendo DSi might be your cup of tea. Nintendo DSi is the best interactive gaming console ever in human history (Aside from Nintendo Wii). Casual games like Cooking Mama, Mario Cart and Warioware will kill your boredom in no time! You can also browse the internet with Nintendo DS Opera browser just like what you do with a PSP.

3) A digital camera (better still if you have a DSLR). Travelling would always present you with opportunities of coming across beautiful sceneries as well as unforgettable moments and memories. My Nikon D3000 is a little beauty indeed. It’s a good compact DSLR that makes an amateur like me look good. But if it’s still too big, you might want to try the Panasonic Lumix FZ35.

At around RM1,599 it is slightly cheaper than the entry level DSLR yet gives you the versatility of a Leica 27mm lens with 18x Optical Zoom (equivalent to 486mm Telephoto). Power OIS Anti-shake protection means that you won’t have to worry too much about handshake even in telephoto range, while the HD video capability delivers an impressive 1280 x 720 pixel resolution.

Having a digital cam with you during these moments helps you capture and immortalize them, preserving them so that you can reflect and reminisce upon them in the future.

Ever wonder how you can take a photo of you and your girlfriend by yourself? Then check out the Samsung ST550 Dual LCD:

Now you never have to worry that there is no passer-by to help!

Ah the Digital Camera…. one of the best travel gadgets ever-created!

4) A portable storage device (options would include pendrives and external hard-disks). Although most devices such as digital cameras and mobile phones have internal memories that could go up to 8GB (some even more), but in the scenario of you losing your camera or phone, there goes all your memories too! Safe and secure, keep a portable storage device with you to backup all your important data, they also come in bigger sizes so you would never be short of space if ever you need more than what you have. A truly beneficial invention for the constant-mover!

To do instant backup to your portable storage device, a portable data transfer device just like the Sima Hitch USB Transfer Device Hub is available in the market and that allows you to backup your precious photos and videos anytime, anywhere.

5) Last but not least, having a sophisticated mobile phone would keep you entertained in more ways than one. The best smart-phones in the market today come with excellent digital cameras (forget needing a separate cam), an entertainment centre to play both audio and video files (forget MP3/ MP4 players), a gaming-console, built in GPS receiver, internet browsing capabilities, and several other useful functions. What more does one need during travels? Never forget the battery charger though, or you could end up having nothing at all within a day or two!

Forget i-Pods, get your hands on the above mentioned products, and remember NEVER to leave home without them!