Digi, Celcom, Maxis, P1 Wimax, U Mobile, Streamyx, Infolient – which broadband is better for you?

Which is the best broadband in Malaysia?

If you’re not really into the techno jargon, maybe this scenario comparison will help you (we have compiled a list of broadband packages here):

  1. I’m a heavy online gamer media downloader. I need fast and stable internet connection.
    1. Streamyx 1.0mbps / 2.0mbps / 4.0mbps (if your area is being covered) might be suitable for you since Streamyx offers decent internet speed and has unlimited bandwidth limit & usage time.
  2. I run a company. I have several PCs in my office. I need a fast and stable internet connection for all my employees to stay online during business hours. / I host a server.
    1. Streamyx for Corporate 1.0mbps / 2.0mbps / 4.0mbps (if your area is being covered) might be suitable for you because Streamyx offers fixed IP address and unlimited bandwidth & usage time.If Streamyx is not your cup of tea, Infolient provides corporate broadband packages that are similar with Streamyx corporate package at a slightly cheaper rate.
  3. I’m an insurance agent. I travel frequently and I do not stay in my office. I need wireless internet access wherever I go, so that I can perform online insurance submission. I also surf the net when I’m on the run.
    1. Digi broadband package might be suitable for you. Digi broadband provides high speed wireless internet access with low cost. You get to keep the modem after installment or you can get free modem if you signed up with Explore 10GB & Explore 16GB. And the best news is, there is no contract for subscription, you can terminate the account anytime you wanted.
    2. P1 Wimax Wiggy package might also be suitable for you, since the Wimax modem is portable enough to allow you stay online wherever you are. But from our experience with P1 earlier on in their launch, the coverage area was far from impressive!
    3. Maxis Broadband also offers broadband package at low price starting from RM58 per month and the HSDPA modem is included too. But once again, from several client’s feedback, we hear that the service is not as stable as Streamyx.
  4. I’m not an online person but I do online once in a while. I hate the slowness of dial-up. Therefore, I need a broadband solution at the minimum cost.
    1. Celcom Broadband provides tons of packages for people who seldom online and fast connection is needed. Low cost broadband packages from monthly, weekly and even daily is available in Celcom. Do check out Celcom broadband if you need a temporary fast internet solution.
    2. U Mobile also provides daily broadband package as low as RM6 per day and the bandwidth limit is 500MB which is not a bad deal for a “part time” internet surfers.
    3. If wireless is not a concern, you might be interested in cheapest Streamyx package too. As low asRM20 per month, you can access the internet for 10 hours. For additional usage, 5 cents per minute is charged.


In conclusion, to choose a suitable broadband package for yourself, study the package offering – speed, max data transfer and so on and also the terms & conditions (eg whether there is any minimum period, tie-ins etc) before picking up a package. And also make sure you read their reviews and obtain feedback from your friends. Remember that the claimed coverage area may not always prove true. A suitable package might help you save a lot in long term. Let’s go online at the lowest cost possible!