Watch out, Apple’s ‘iSlate’ tablet to be revealed 27th Jan 2010

All the months of rumor mongering seems to have paid off. The magical Tablet computer by Apple has been confirmed by Steve Jobs himself and that there will be a ‘special event’ on the 27th of Jan, 2010, where Apple will be announcing some ‘new products’.

The iSlate is definitely one of them, but I’m more curious as to whether they will be announcing a new iPod Touch with camera. That’ll surely piss off consumers who bought the 3rd Gen iPod Touch barely 4 months ago, but such is the brutal world of technological advancement and Apple product lifecycle.

Apple has been doing controlled leaks of the mythical tablet for many months now, trying to gauge the reaction from customers while leaving the dirty work for technology websites and blogs and keeping their reputation intact. The price point of $1000 for a tablet was floated a few months ago to see whether this is acceptable. Apparently the fair price has been determined at $600 but the price remains the elusive figure that remains to be revealed.

The tablet itself is still a mystery. Some says it will come with cellular technology but do so because it’s then easy to bundle it with a cellular carrier’s wireless data service rather than because the tablet can act as a replacement phone. The processor is reportedly a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8. The screen will be sized at about 10 inches and running on the same iPhone OS, although with a different screen resolution obviously. Apple have started to advice app programmers not to hard-code the resolution of their apps, presumably so that the apps will function just as well on the new tablet.

The material finish is reportedly aluminium, so prepare to shell out precious money to buy all the newfangled ‘protective films’ that’s sure to spring up due to the notoriously scratch-worthy aluminium designs Apple have been using.

The product is expected to start selling from March – May 2010 onwards, unlike other Apple products which usually go on sale the moment its announced. At the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, many computer manufacturers have pre-empted Apple’s tablet announcement although it should be noted that netbooks and similar devices have a 30% higher failure rate compared to a notebook, so this might not be something you want to skimp out on.

Apple’s push for making quality devices that do not fail may be the reason why their tablet plans have been long rumored yet seemingly never brings fruition. Hopefully all those hours spend on engineering and research will be paid off with a strong, sturdy platform that does not have any reliability issues.

So there you go… the confirmed Apple iSlate Table, any surprises there?