Apple iPad, not iSlate

Yesterday, Steve Jobs clad in his usual jeans and t-shirt attire, finally puts an end to months of speculation and unveils to the world, the iPad.

However, no ground-breaking feature was revealed unlike the launching of the iPod and iPhone.
The ultimate browsing and navigational experience seems to be what Apple is banking on this time round, for its success.
Without further ado, here is an overview of the gadget we have all been waiting for.

1)  Powerful, sleek and ultra mobile
–    1GHz Apple A4 processor
–    ½ inch thin
–    1.5 pounds
–    9.7 inch IPS display
–    10 hour battery life (1 month standby mode)

*Get details of full tech specs here.

2)    Cheaper than the $999 we originally expected

Wi-Fi model
–    $499 for 16GB
–    $599 for 32GB
–    $699 for 64GB

Wi-Fi + 3G model
–    $629 (16GB)
–    $729 (32GB)
–    $829 (64GB)

3)    Remarkable browsing experience

–    Able to view entire web page on the screen
–    Automatically adjusts to landscape or portrait views
–    Internet literally at your fingertips
–    Google-powered maps with high resolution satellite and street view images
–    Almost full sized virtual keyboard

4)    Multimedia galore
–    Organise appointments with, calendar, address book and notes applications
–    Watch high-definition Youtube videos, movies and TV
–    Stack, store and share vibrant photos on high resolution screen
–    Powerful in-built speakers for listening to music
–    iBook app (can be downloaded for free) for the ultimate reading experience.

Here are some screen snapshots of the iPad to help you decide whether or not to pick one up when they ship in March.

Your very own virtual library

Aerial view of your destination route

Flip through photo albums with just a pinch or a tap of your finger

At last! Keyboard made for normal sized fingers

All the HD Youtube videos you can watch

iPad iKnow iLike. Is this on your iWish iList too?