CES 2009: Vuzix VR Glasses

The last time Vuzix tried with a VR, they created a product which is not only ghastly ugly to put on your head, crucially it also makes you look like a supernerd, cobbled together from the remains of lesser nerds. You wouldn’t want to be caught wearing this ANYWHERE, not even in your own home. OK, well maybe it’s not that bad, but it wasn’t comfortable and definitely doesn’t look nice.


Well, its take two and Vuzix unveiled the Wrap 920AV during CES 2009 and Vuzix promised improvement over the original. For one thing, they had a better design this time around and on the technical side, Vuzix promised an improved imaging system with augmented reality combined with virtual reality further blurring the lines between the real world and the fake. And possibly allows you to play RPGs where the villains are your neighbors.

Also promised is improved optics, which supposedly alleviates the problem of the previous Vuzix where the point-of-view was too narrow, making it near impossible to see anything if you looked too much to the side. The Wrap will be able to connect to any portable media player. However on the downside, it is very possible that the video resolution will be a lot less than what consumers are accustomed to these days. Let’s see if there are any HD versions available anytime soon.