Acer Aspire One to come in 10-inch flavors

Acer Taiwan’s president Scott Lin has confirmed rumors that a 10.1-inch version of the popular Aspire One ultraportable netbook to arrive in black, white and sexy red colors. The release is tentatively set at early 2009, and possibly we will hear more about it during CES 2009.

Acer netbook

The screen gets bumped up to 10.1 inches, but the resolution however remains at 1024×600, which is a disappointment because it means although the pictures will be bigger, they’re not going to be more detailed. 3G, Bluetooth is an optional extra and expect to fork out some more money if you want them integrated into your Aspire One.

Acer Aspire One

One welcome change is the mouse and trackpad arrangement, reverting to more traditional designs now due to customer complaint about the way the original had a lousy setting. The Storage Expansion is also no longer present and instead you will get a multi-card reader, which some might welcome but others will hate as it will limit the storage expansion capabilities. I guess you’ll have to start carrying around 8GB memory cards.

Finally, the laptop, like the original, only has one DIMM slot for your RAM, so 2GB is the maximum you can put in here, which is plenty given it’s processor won’t be powerful enough to run anything above Linux and Windows XP.

If however you prefer the specifications of the previous Aspire One, be prepared to rush out and get them now, because stores are already starting to remove them from shelves.