CES 2009: New HP Laptops

The tech industry is facing a slump, but for some that means innovation and will be the key to success. The annual Consumer Electronics Show 2009 saw a subdued reaction this year, but that had not prevented HP from revealing some new laptops coming out during the event.

In total there were five new laptops, being the Pavilion dv3z, dv6t, G70, a HP Mini 1000Mi and finally the Compaq Presario CQ60.

HP Mini 1000 MI

The most intriguing of the bunch is undoubtedly the Mini 1000Mi, which possibly stands for Mobile Internet and marks HP’s entry into the budget ultra-portable market competing with the likes of the Eee PC, Wind and others. It will be powered by a modified version of Ubuntu Linux, but I am sure most savvy consumers will have Windows XP up and running on these machines. The price is a cool $380, making it an affordable small computer, but the specs are notably absent from HP’s website. Wait and we shall see.

The next most affordable computer in the lineup is the CQ60, which will come in at a low $470 after an instant $200 rebate, and will be powered by AMD processor and a respectable 15.4inch screen. The price range makes it a good laptop to buy, but experience suggests that it will be big and bulky, not to mention heavy. But hey, it’s still a laptop!

The rest of the machines command even higher price tags and will be powered by different configurations, depending on your need. But in the end, they’re just simply yet another laptop, so there’s nothing much to say about them.