iPod Touch on Android?

I think it would be much easier if they marketed this as a cheaper iPod Touch running on Android. However, the unfortunately named GiiNii Movit does have some potential brewing underneath the funny name.


First of all the specs… it packs a 4.3-inche touchscreen goodness and a resolution of 480×272, which is a tad smaller than the iPod Touch’s 480×360 and also the touchscreen is resistive, which means no multitouch here, folks. Microphone is built in as well with front-facing VGA camera meaning this baby does video Skype right out of the box with Bluetooth and built-in speaker. Finally the internal memory is a measly 256MB with microSD support.

Price-wise, they are going for “less than the iPod Touch” which it’d better be in light of the below-par specs. In fact everything seems to be lower than iPod Touch, so if this is half the price of the Touch, it’d be an awesome gift.

Oh and did I mention it runs on the Android OS? The popular mobile platform is being tapped to power the Movit and it appears to be a custom one created and optimized for this platform. It also means that you will be able to access a multitude of Android apps that have already been created on the market. Of course, time will tell if the GiiNii can provide enough aftermarket support to justify an investment into the Movit.

My 2 cents? Wait for an Android release for a jailbroken iPod Touch.