Dell WASABI Zink printer

The Zink ink-less printing technology has been covered before, but thanks to Dell, they are about to enjoy major critical and commercial success. Nobody sells computers like Dell, and if they start offering this with their laptops as accessories, we might be seeing this everywhere soon.

Wasabi printer

The WASABI is the name of the printer by Dell, and it is a diminutive little printer in the spirit of those Polaroid cameras of past, being able to print small 2×3-inch prints on special paper which contain color crystals which are heated by the printer when “printing”.

The WASABI also comes with a bevy of wireless printing technologies such as Bluetooth, allowing you to send the picture you just took with your camera directly to print and distribute to friends and family.

However the qualities of the prints are not really spectacular, although they are certainly competent. Again, in the spirit of Polaroids, I suppose.