3 Websites For Easier Download Search

We can now search with ease!

How do you search for one particular file from a few different file hosting servers? By scouring forums after forums just to get one decent download link? Or by googling with the Google Search String?

In this article, I will introduce you to some good sites used to search for files from file hosting servers like Rapidshare and MegaUpload, since these are the two of the more popular ones. These sites are gaining popularity now because we know how annoying it is to sign up to different forums just to get some download links.

There are better and faster ways to get the files that you needed off the humongous World Wide Web. And no, there’s no need to go hunting for these files. These sites will simply return the direct download link to us, making our download life simply easier!

Let’s start with the first one:

No. 1: MegaDownload

This site is my favourite to use. Its interface is simple and user-friendly (like Google) and they have two tick boxes for you to choose from where you would want your results to come from. It’s very fast, and it will also return a lot of results, depending on what you typed in. But don’t you worry; they’re usually what you’re looking for.


Just type in what you need and do remember to include the file type to get a more concise result. When the result is returned, you can scan through the list to find one that you like. And to download, you can click on the green download image although I prefer to copy the link (in orange) and paste in the address bar of a new window. It saves me a few clicks.

Megadownload search

The only problem that I have with this site is that it only supports searching the files from 2 sites, MegaUpload and RapidShare, albeit these are the 2 more prominent ones. I’m not very fond of RapidShare but I can definitely make do with MegaUpload.

No. 2: FilesTube

The second site on my list would be the FilesTube. This site works quite the same as the MegaDownload but while MegaDownload only searches for files from MegaUpload and Rapidshare, FilesTube looks for files from more file hosting servers. FilesTube also return streaming mp3 links that you can click and play directly on the site.

With FilesTube, there is a drop down list that you can make use of when searching to limit your search to return a more accurate result. If the file type that you are looking for is not in the pre-set drop down list, you can just type in the file type and pick the ‘ALL’ from the drop down list to search from.


With FilesTube, there is a Quicklist function that you can use to make a list of files that you wanted to download. Like a bookmark, you can always come back to the list and download the files some other day. The Quicklist can also be used to queue up mp3 files to be streamed or played on its built-in player. No download needed, very handy indeed!

MP3 playlist

No. 3: MaiFile

Unlike the two previous mentioned sites, MaiFile is not used to search for just any other file types; it only searches for document files. I thought I’d introduce this site as it could be useful to some people, especially students. This site enables users to upload document files to be shared to the world. Any type of document files, when uploaded onto the server, will be displayed to the users in html format, which is good because the user can open it at any computer without worrying about software compatibility.

The interface is also simple and friendly, and even though it doesn’t have that many files on its server at the moment, when given time, more users especially students will be glad of it’s existence.


There are many other sites that offer the same service as these sites but most of them that I found either use the Google Search String method (which is not really useful and you can just do that in Google) or it only do searches from one particular site, usually from RapidShare. If you know of one that is good to use, please feel free to drop a comment below.

Downloading stuffs off the Internet is not hard (speed is another problem on its own), it is the searching part that is annoying. Hopefully with this article, your annoyance and frustration at searching for download links can be kept to a minimum.

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