Terminator: P2P elimination

It seemed like the era of P2P might come to an end after all, in the near future. The Japanese ISPs have apparently agreed to disconnect any users that they detected to be using any P2P (peer-to-peer) program such as BitTorrent, BearShare, and Japan’s very own Winny. They did have a go with an attack […]

Universal Share Downloader

Have you ever found that downloading off websites like Sendspace.com and MegaUpload.com a pain? What with the download limit and the ever-busy servers of theirs? I find it very hard to wake up in the middle of the night just to check if my download has finished and to click on another link to run […]

Easiest way to make Windows Vista run faster

Of course there are numerous ways you can do to tweak your Windows Vista system to make it run faster. You could do the following: De-fragment your hard disk Apply windows updates Uninstall unnecessary software Do a through scan and remove viruses and trojans Clean up the Windows Registry Optimize the RAM and virtual memory […]

What is Digg and how does it affect me?

In a nutshell, Digg is a social bookmarking website, with a twist. It’s a place to share stuff which you have found online with others, and to discover what other’s have Dugg. Everything and anything can be Dugg (except those which are NFSW) so long as it is submitted. So how does this affect us? […]

Unlimited RapidShare downloading

If you find yourself visiting RapidShare everyday and are spending a good amount of your time waiting every time you download files from it, you might want to get yourself a premium account. Yeah, I know, when talking about paying for a RapidShare Premium Account, you would rather wait and download slowly. However, that’s about […]