PIKOM PC fair 2008 KLCC

I know it’s late as the latest edition of the most popular IT fair in Malaysia was concluded last week. But, I would still like to talk about this PC Fair which was held at KL Convention Center, because I know you want to see what latest gadgets you can find there.

Sony Walkman

Oh no, you actually want to see sexy PC fair babes more than gadgets?! Haha 🙂

Be patient, let’s check out some cheap offers from the fair. Look at the Sony Walkman offer. RM399 a piece, since when can you buy a Sony Walkman for such a cheap price? Consider this for its industry renowned sound quality, don’t buy those made-in-Malaysia or China MP3 players although they might cost less than half of this price.

Toshiba flash memory

Toshiba flash memory should be pretty good as well. The price of their flash memory, or pen drives have really dropped damn lot from last year. Now, 1GB costs only RM19, while a never-heard-before 8GB costs RM94 only! Last year, 1GB costed how much?

Pendrive promotion

If you don’t fancy Toshiba, don’t worry. You can check out those pendrives from SanDisk. The SanDisk Cruzer 20 4GB was selling at RM48 also. Same price with Toshiba.

Let’s check out some beasts!

Computer case

Was the above computer case beast enough?! That alien look-alike computer case was from Whitebox’s Xtremus series. The case’s sides were transparent to allow you to have a peek at its lighted components inside, the front was shaped curvy black.

Some people were obviously trying to outsmart their competitors. They came up with amazing tricks to get your attention.


No, Whitebox didn’t like chicks. Instead they had these two dudes. Pretty catchy, right? 🙂 At least, they did catch my attention and I fired a few shots on them.

Let’s move to the audio visual hall where some of the most well know names were showcasing their latest offerings. They included Altec Lansing, Philips, EACAN, SonicGear, and Edifier. If you asked me, I would still prefer speakers from the good old Altec Lansing.

Altec Lansing speaker

As usual in PC fairs, you can get some really nice Altec Lansing speakers at reduced prices. If you purchased an Altec Lansing speaker, I can assure you of its sound quality. One of the best in the PC speakers league.

OK, I know you have been waiting for PC fair chicks. Let me show you a few pics then. 🙂

FTec laptops

FTec laptops and their girls. Is FTec a Malaysian brand?

Toshiba girl

Girl from Toshiba. Red and beautiful! Notice the boys were trying to avoid being framed in my photo? Funny lar… haha.

Benq girls

Benq girls. Although I don’t really fancy their gadgets, but their girls were not bad at all.

Infolient broadband

This girl wasn’t the sexiest we have in PC fair but she certainly was one of the friendliest. She was at the Infolient Broadband booth, and I am pretty sure not many of you have heard about this new broadband provider in Malaysia before. At least I haven’t heard of it before. She took some sweet time to explain to me what this new broadband is all about. Perhaps I will tell you more about this next time…

Nice girl. Got next door girl feel. 🙂