Amazing finger fracture game concept for iPhone and iPod

Oh my god, how could I have missed this! Just spotted this amazing Vans Finger Fracture Skateboarding game for iPhone and iPod Touch at the trendwatch. Although the game is now only at the concept stage, it looks really sleek and if it really became a real game, this will definitely become a major point to own an iPhone, or an iPod Touch! RM2700? I will buy an iPhone just because I can exercise my fingers on this game alone!

This would make the decision to buy an iPhone, a PSP or Nintendo DS Lite even easier! Hahaha…

iPhone skateboarding game

Multi touch

iPhone games

If you can’t wait for the Vans Finger Fracture game, another very interesting and addictive game to keep you occupied for the time being will be iPhysics. Give it a try and I am sure you will get hooked!