Web reaches new milestone: 155 million active sites

Netcraft, an Internet monitoring company that has tracked the Internet’s growth since 1995, reports a mammoth milestone was reached during the end of 2007. In the December 2007 survey, they received responses from more than 155 million sites. This is an whooping increase of 5.4 million sites since the previous month. The web has grown by nearly 50 million sites since the same period the previous year.

Website statistics

Compare this number to the 18,000 websites that Netcraft, based in Bath, England, began keeping track of back in August 1995! Such an amazing growth!

Not surprisingly, the most dramatic growth this time has been the ever exponentially increasing numbers of sites at blogging service providers such as Live Spaces, Blogger, WordPress.com and MySpace. I believe entrepreneurs of the Domaineering Business also fuel the tremendous growth.

One question remain unanswered, how many websites are there in Malaysia and how many blogs are there in Malaysia? Perhaps that’s a question very difficult to answer… how do you consider a Malaysian blog? – Authored by a Malaysian, hosted in Malaysia or blogs about Malaysian stuff? Don’t ask me. 🙂