Corporate theme for WordPress

It has been a while since I released my Corporate WordPress theme. Never had I imagine the response will be so encouraging, from a couple of downloads and users, now the theme is being used proudly on many WordPress powered blogs.

Corporate WordPress theme

I have no download counter on this blog so I am not sure how many have downloaded here but I do get pingback whenever the theme is being used. The result is totally “out of this world”!

However, I realized that the bottom section of the theme can get pretty tall if you added too many categories, or if your blog’s archive dated back more than a year. Worry not, I quickly devised a solution… and that’s to group the older archives and the categories into drop downs. 🙂

Theme dropdown

So, get the updated Corporate theme now. Yes, this is the link to download the UPDATED CORPORATE THEME with drop downs. Download and use it for free and make this a popular WordPress theme.

Corporate template

Below are some of the blogs using this theme now. I only randomly selected a few of them.

Updated 31 Jan 2008:
To make the theme support Widgets, please download and update the two files in this package namely sidebar.php and style.css.