Mac OS X Leopard is better than Windows Vista?

My laptop uses Windows Vista, and frankly it requires some get-used-to when I got it last year. I do not like the strict securities, though I like its improved interface, very sleek and colorful. Leopard is the sixth major release of the Mac OS X operating system for Apple’s Mac line of computers. It’s also the successor for Tiger, a previous version of the operating system.

Now, if you are like myself, very much a Windows guy, you might not know if Leopard is really better than Vista. But spare a minute to watch the following flash ad which runs on the NY Times website. The ad crosses over two distinct ad components; one skyscraper and one leaderboard.

Really creative, especially how seamless it is for the two ads to work together. Does this make you wanna try out Leopard today? 🙂