New Google AdSense styles

I was updating my blog when I noticed a new type of AdSense ad appearing here on It has two small up and down buttons. I was so tempted to test it but not sure it will cause any unnecessary problem or not so I didn’t do it in the end. Instead I tried […]

Wish to appear on top position in Google?

You wish to appear on the top position in Google? That’s the magic question asked in an email from Exabytes (Malaysia’s largest web hosting company) which I received this morning. As usual their emails, or rather newsletters are nicely designed, but what caught my attention was the prove they show that they can make you […]

Is Google updating the pagerank again?

Since this morning I have noticed a strange behavior on websites that queries Google’s multiple data centers to check for PageRank values for a given URL. First, I tried and it returned a combinations of OFF and PR N/A for my blog. OMG, I couldn’t believe it. Is Google updating the PageRank again? This […]

Biggest PR drop, from PR8 to PR3

Maybe I should be contented with my blog’s PageRank of 3. Why should not when I am on the same level with the world’s most widely used video sharing website YouTube, as far as PR is concerned! This should be the biggest PR drop, from a strong PR8 to a mere PR3! What a surprise… […]

Google PageRank drops because of paid links?

Wow, looks like Google is doing a lot of work this month. After the very controversial PageRank update just two weeks ago that affected many websites, Google had another round of PageRank update which affected even more websites and blogs. Many popular websites and blogs which are trusted sources of good content were hit too. […]

Google is now 9 years old

Google, you are now 9 years old already. Be a good boy and serve us good quality and relevant ads please. Yeah, ads that pay US$10 for every click! Hahaha… How do you like Google’s birthday logos over the years above? Read more about Google’s history to understand the world’s most used search engine better. […]

List of Google acquisitions

I came across this great list of acquisitions by Google over the years, including acquisitions of both companies and individual products. Among the most notable acquisitions are (in my opinion): Pyra Labs (February, 2003) – this is exactly what becomes Blogger. Almost all bloggers I know start out on Blogger, the most widely use free […]

Google 2048

Any idea what your favorite search engine will look like in the year 2048? The below might give you an idea. And I guess the pornography radio button should be the most clicked one. 🙂 Take the picture above as inspiration.