New Google AdSense styles

I was updating my blog when I noticed a new type of AdSense ad appearing here on It has two small up and down buttons. I was so tempted to test it but not sure it will cause any unnecessary problem or not so I didn’t do it in the end. Instead I tried it on another site and sure enough when clicked they will scroll the ads. AJAX style.

Check out the following screen shot.

New AdSense

In fact before this I saw another slightly different style where the arrows are in triangle shape and no background color. But blame it on my itchy hand. I refreshed the page and it was gone. Couldn’t take a screen shot and show you.

WP Themes Plugin reported that there’s another variant which scrolls sideways.

Looks like AdSense is testing this new style on a number of blogs and websites. But the most important question is will this be effective in increasing CTR? And impressions? Also, will Google let us select this as an option in AdSense setup?