Wish to appear on top position in Google?

You wish to appear on the top position in Google? That’s the magic question asked in an email from Exabytes (Malaysia’s largest web hosting company) which I received this morning. As usual their emails, or rather newsletters are nicely designed, but what caught my attention was the prove they show that they can make you top position in Google.

Go to Google.com.my and search for they keyword “hosting” and you can see that their website is in the number 1 position.


This is really good… although I am not sure how much you need to pay to Google AdWords in order to be number 1 on the keyword “hosting”. I guess it’s not cheap… considering there are so many web hosting companies in Malaysia bidding for that keyword.

Google AdWords

All these investments are only worthwhile if the conversion rate is good because you will need to pay for every click… and if the click doesn’t generate any sales, you lost whatever amount you bid in AdWords. More details on this at a later time perhaps, once I have done more detailed research myself. 🙂

Now, before you sign up with Exabytes and get all excited that your website will appear on the first page of Google search, you need to know that it only happens in Malaysia through http://www.google.com.my! If you did the same search on http://www.google.com (not http://www.google.com.my) your website is maybe listed at page number 50! Try using a web proxy to access http://www.google.com.

Go to http://www.hidemyass.com/

Enter http://www.google.com and click on the button “Hide My Ass!”.

Do a search on the keyword “hosting”. Without the double quotes of course.

Google search result

Now, you tell me where is Exabytes listed? Not on the top position anymore. Surprised? Not quite, mainly because you need to pay much more to get there, and the search isn’t coming from Malaysia now because it’s proxied. In order to get there perhaps you need to bid US$100 on the keyword “hosting”? This keyword is just too popular and too many web hosting companies bidding on it.

By the way, I may have some very good web hosting deals coming up soon, will you be interested? 🙂