Google pagerank prediction, check if your PR is going up or down

You have done the hard work, optimized your website by including tonnes of keywords and also make sure all the content and pages are search engine optimized. Of course you have also written some very good content and you are sure there are more websites linking back to yours. Now, you are excited to wait for the next Google PageRank update… but when it is? Some say it’s around the corner… but you just can’t wait! You want to see your website jump to PR6!

Pagerank prediction

Worry not. Use this Google pagerank prediction tool from which has a number of other webmaster and SEO tools. This pagerank prediction tool can check up to 5 domain names at any time. It will display the current PR of the website, the predicted PR of the immediate future, the number of backlinks and even an accuracy value for your reference.

A quick check using reveals some pretty good news. This blog will have PR4 soon! Google, please fast fast update the pagerank, I can’t wait to see if this prediction tool is correct or not! 🙂