Is Google updating the pagerank again?

Since this morning I have noticed a strange behavior on websites that queries Google’s multiple data centers to check for PageRank values for a given URL. First, I tried and it returned a combinations of OFF and PR N/A for my blog.


OMG, I couldn’t believe it. Is Google updating the PageRank again? This has to be the third time within a couple of months time… Perhaps the more likely case is something is wrong with DigPageRank. I need to verify this on a couple other pagerank checking websites.


The above is from

Check PageRank

The ever popular also shows PR0.

Anyway, after much research, I finally found one website which seems to be a little more sane.

PR3 Yes, PR3 is back! I love my PR3!

From the above research, I believe Google has started taking measures to block the more popular PR checking websites to access their data centers. While the less frequented PR checking websites are still not affected at the time being, they might get banned also in the near future. Google wants us to use the Google toolbar only to check/see the PageRank!

Good or not, you tell me.