What is Digg and how does it affect me?

In a nutshell, Digg is a social bookmarking website, with a twist. It’s a place to share stuff which you have found online with others, and to discover what other’s have Dugg. Everything and anything can be Dugg (except those which are NFSW) so long as it is submitted. So how does this affect us? […]

Why LiewCF is a successful problogger in Malaysia?

If I’m not mistaken, LiewCF began his entrepreneurial Malaysia problogger journey back in 2005. He celebrated his first anniversary as a Malaysia problogger back in September 2006. But, before becoming a problogger in Malaysia many actually doubted someone of his achievements would make it. I didn’t personally meet LiewCF but have been reading his blog […]

How to turn WordPress into a CMS website

These days there are so many web design companies in Malaysia, and thus the competition between them have really make life difficult for web designers. Even students and freelance web designers and programmers are in the game to make quick money. The price of designing and building a website become more and more competitive. Clients, […]