Find DoFollow blogs to comment and improve PageRank

There are a few things you just have to do if you want to promote your blog and have regular readers. First and most importantly is of course you need to write good content which other people will find interest in reading. With that done, you will of course publish your link in social bookmarking sites, and in Malaysia Petaling Street is one which you should not miss. But you will probably still go unnoticed by other bloggers if you are not commenting on their blogs.

Free blog software

Blogging is like making friends on the Internet. You go to other people’s blogs, read posts, leave meaningful comments, and learn from them at the same time. If you find yourself coming back to the same blogs more than once, you can subscribe to their RSS feeds, make friends, collaborate and network with them.

Now that you recognize the importance of leaving meaningful comments on other people blogs, you will need to find blogs which allow dofollow links in comments. I am not going to elaborate why it’s the best to comment on blogs which allow dofollow links, but it’s sufficient to say that with dofollow links to your blog, it will help you improve your PageRank tremendously! My PageRank isn’t particularly good at this point because I have just discovered this tool a few days ago and I just can’t wait to share this with you all!

What I am going to reveal is going to shake the Malaysian blogosphere… I expect everyone is going to download and use this free tool. Fast Blog Finder is the easiest and fastest way to find related blogs in your blog’s niche. It searches the Internet and give you a list of blogs you can leave comments on and build a ton of backlinks instantly! Backlinks from blogs in the same niche as your blog are worth more weight than links coming from a non-related blogs.

Dofollow blogs
(I searched for the keyword “web hosting” here.)

Fast Blog Finder automatically lists high quality blogs that accept comments on the exact topics that you want. Each blog is clearly marked with both “dofollow” and “nofollow” tags. It also shows the Google PageRank for each domain and blog page post and they can be easily filtered by Domain PR, Page PR, link type, date, and quantity of outgoing links on the page.

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What you need to do is very simple. Click on the blog’s name, read the post, write a comment, and click on the Submit button. It could take you hours to find the relevant blogs to read and comment on, but now with this dofollow blogs finder software, it will take you just a couple of minutes!

Don’t take my words for it… download the free backlink building software and start building unlimited, high quality, targeted backlinks to all your websites and blogs! This free software works 100% and can handle up to 50 blogs per search term.