How to find DoFollow blogs using Google Image Search

Last time, we looked at how to use a free software to search for dofollow blogs, I believe this software has helped you tremendously in your link building campaign. If you still have doubt on that, I seriously recommend you to give it a try by downloading and using it today… you have really nothing to lose as it’s free!

Now, I am sure you want to know if there are other ways to find dofollow blogs… although the software I recommend is really the best in finding dofollow blogs and websites, it may not be able to each and every blogs and websites out there… so, it’s always good to try a few methods. This time we will use Google! Yes, the trusted search engine you use everyday!

Dofollow blogs images

This method is really simple, just use Google Image Search to search for blogs that have the image that says “U Comment, I Follow”. I believe most of you are familiar with this image, it simply means these blogs support the dofollow movement. Your comments posted on these blogs will worth more value and help build your PageRank. Simple, but you have never thought of that, right?!

U comment I follow
(In the above picture, I searched for “U comment I follow”)

Now, give it a try. In Google Image Search, search for “U Comment I Follow”, you will see a substantial list of dofollow blogs. You can of course try some variations, such as omit the double quotes to return more results but probably less accurate. You can also append your keyword (such as “malaysia blogger”) to get more targeted results in your niche.

(In the above picture, I searched for ifollow.gif)

Another variant of this method is searching for the “U Comment I Follow” filenames directly. For example:

  • ifollowblue.gif, ifollowgreen.gif, ifollowltgreen.gif, ifollowpink.gif, ifollowpurple.gif, ifolloworange.gif, ifollowwhite.gif, ifollowmagenta.gif
  • ifollow.gif, ifollow.jpg, ifollow.png
  • utrackback_ifollow.gif
  • ifollow-blue.gif, ifollow-red.gif, ifollow-green.gif

Of course the blogs returned will not be 100% accurate, a small percentage of the blogs display those images but actually do not participate in the dofollow movement. Some manual work is still need to actually verify if they are nofollow blogs or not by viewing their source code.

In short, the easiest and fastest way to find dofollow blogs is to use the free fast blog finder software. It’s FREE, FAST, and it WORKS!