WordPress 2.5 demo

WordPress 2.5 is slate for release in late March or early April this year. This upcoming newest version promises a host of new features and enhancements. If you are itchy in getting a taste of the newest WordPress before the general public release, head over to the new WordPress 2.5 demo site. The blog is […]

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner… two more days to go… wait, should be one more day only! It’s the year of the rat, so here’s wishing all Kongtechnology.com readers a Very Happy and Prosperous Rat Year! May the rat bring you wealth, health, love and charm in abundance. 🙂 Ah, no rats […]

iPhone WordPress theme

I think something must be wrong with me. It has been iPhone, iPhone and more iPhone. I see iPhone in everything. Now, even a new WordPress theme based on Apple iPhone! Maybe I am infected with the iPhone disease and cracking a WordPress theme is the temporary cure until iPhone’s price drop to an affordable […]

Customize WordPress login screen

I believe for WordPress blog owners, one of the most visited page everyday apart from Malaysia Tech Blog (for the tech news and tips and tricks) is your own WordPress login page (wp-admin/). Although there has been a lot of improvements in the look and feel of this login page, especially in WordPress 2.0, but […]

Top 25 web celebrities for 2007

In less than a week’s time we are going to bid year 2007 farewell. But, before that let’s check out Forbes.com’s The Web Celeb 25 which lists the most popular web celebrities for 2007. On top of the list is none other than gossip blogger with a poison “pen”, Perez Hilton. Perez’s blog is hugely […]

Can’t login to your own WordPress?

There is nothing worse than cannot login to your own WordPress blog… By login I mean logging into the wp-admin control panel where you can manage your posts. You have so many interesting articles you want to post, but all of a sudden your own blog denies your entry! How can, you are the Admin, […]

Blog2u.sg competitor to Advertlets and Nuffnang?

Have you checked out BLOG2u.sg, a match-making service for Singapore advertisers and bloggers. That may sound like a dating website, but they are not… or you could say they are the dating website for bloggers and advertisers – to deliver products and services in the most cost effective method through blogs! Haha… very interesting isn’t […]