Chartbeat Real Time tracking better than Google Analytics

Bloggers and webmasters (now that’s a term that I haven’t heard in a while) have long used Google Analytics to provide information on their website such as who’s visiting, where do they come from, how long did they spend on the site, and other miscellaneous info that is important to allow you to tweak your website and capture the audience.

Google Analytics

If you’re really serious about monetizing your blog, Charbeat is hard to beat in terms of offering far superior services to Google Analytics. In Google Analytics, all the results are delayed 24 hours, although you can change the settings for more frequent update but the information is still delayed by 2 to 4 hours, and some information might not be available or accurate until the next day when Google has properly crunched through the data. This has led to some services try to outdo Google by offering the same services but at real-time speed!


Chartbeat presents its data in a pleasing dashboard view, but since it is modeled in the time domain, you can literally pull back the clock and playback the events like a movie as you watch the numbers and chart bounce up and down, giving you an extra dimension (as Albert Einstein says, Time) with which to peer through your data. Ebbs and flows can give greater insight to why people are coming to your site and what is attracting them to it.

The service is free with a 30-day trial offer after which you need to pony up an introductory US$9.95 a month for continued use. For hardcore bloggers this is probably a price you are willing to pay.