P1 WiMAX USB Modem Officially Launched

The folks at P1 are really nice and fun to hang out with. They not only invited a bunch of bloggers and gave us free WiMAX USB Modem to play with, they also invited us to their official launching ceremony of the WIGGY. Yes, we get to use and play with the WIGGY even before it’s launched! Nice eh? 🙂

The WIGGY is officially being launched now… (the launching starts at 2pm on 9 April 2009) at The Loft, Kuala Lumpur.


I am glad I am invited, but due to work commitment, I couldn’t make it. Michael Lai… errrr, Chong CK, thanks a tonne for the invitation.

Chong CK, please do keep the door gifts, the goodies bag and the lucky draw prizes for me, OK. 🙂

Oh, I haven’t shown you our group photo taken with all the big bosses from P1? How can… photos like this must be shared with all of you, especially those of you who are eager to try out this new broadband service which is touted to be the competitor which would give Streamyx a tough time.

P1 group photo
Click on the photo above to view in full size… zoom in to see us clearly.

See that? P1 CEO, Mr Michael Lai is in the photo too. He is such a friendly guy, he asked us to whack him if you failed to connect to P1. Wahahaha… we all couldn’t help it but bursted into laughter! 🙂

By the way, I still couldn’t get the USB Modem (WIGGY) to work… mostly because my area has no coverage. Perhaps, later I will go to another place which has better coverage and give it another try.


Stay tuned for my update. Should you want to know more, do look for P1’s booth at PC Fair which starts tomorrow!