Convert Your Files Online

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a file, maybe on your computer or in your pen drive, but you do not have the correct software to open the file? I received an .odt file in my email the other day but I do not have Open Office on my computer. Word can’t open it and I don’t really want to install Open Office or some plug in for my Word. So I search the Internet and after looking through many forums that suggested installation of Open Office or some other plug ins, I found the perfect solution to my problem: Media-Convert.

Media-Convert is a website that helps you to convert your file to another file type; in my case, from an .odt document to a .doc document. It’s a real breezy process too.

1. You just browse for the document that you want to convert.
2. Select the type of the original document (or you can leave it at automatic detection).

3. Then select your choice of output file type.
4. And then click OK.
5. Click Continue on the File Info page.

6. After successful conversion, choose either to download the file in converted file or a zip file.

You can even try to convert movie file types from one type to another, although I suspect that’s gonna take a long time for the whole process. You’ve got to upload it, then they will convert it and then you will need to download it again. It’s probably alright to convert sound or audio files, images, and also text files because of the file size.

Other than doing a file conversion, you can also use Media-Convert capture Website Screenshots and also use it to convert files directly from a given URL. You can also host files with Media-Convert for file sizes up to 150MB.

Another service that you can use is the Send File to Mobile function. You can just upload a file onto the website’s server and then it will return an address for you (or the intended recipients) to download the file via WAP or GPRS on their phones.

I’ve tried converting an .odt file to a .doc file and also a .pdf file to an .rft file. No more worries about getting the right software and the right plug ins or extensions anymore! It’s probably useful if you are stuck in the compute labs or the cyber cafe and you can’t view your files. And if you are, go to Media-Convert now to view your files!