Earn Cashbacks With Quidco

After writing about MySearchFunds, I came to realize that I do use another website to earn a little money to keep in my PayPal account. Mind you, I don’t have much money in my PayPal, just enough to pay off the annual fees of a few online accounts.

The website that I have in mind is Quidco. I have been using Quidco for about a year plus now. It caters for mainly UK residents because most of the merchants that they carry are from the UK, but there are also those websites or merchants that pay you some money for you to sign up with them. I use Quidco when I buy from some of the merchants on their lists, or do some sign ups when I have the free time.

With Quidco, all you need to do is to sign up for their services. It is a free registration but as soon as your earnings hit GBP5.00, they will take GBP5.00 off your Quidco account for administration fees. So if you don’t earn that much in a year, then you won’t need to pay the administration fees.

Then to earn money, just search the merchants’ lists and see if the website that you want use is on the list. If it is, you will need to go to the website via the link on Quidco’s page. This enables Quidco to track your transaction. Don’t clear your cookies halfway through your transaction though, Quidco will lose the track if you do. Every merchant offers different amount or percentage of cashback so read the description on Quidco’s page to see how much you will get off the website you will be using.

One problem that I do not like with Quidco is that the merchants have the right to decline the tracked transaction that you have with them, for whatever reasons. You can take it up with Quidco and lodge a complaint, but you probably won’t see any payout for the declined transaction. I’ve had quite a few of these declined transactions but did not really bother to take it up with Quidco.

Unlike my recent registration with MySearchFunds, I can vouch for Quidco because I’ve had my payouts from them since I started using them over a year ago. Some of the payouts can be a little slow, but you will get it.

It’s great for people or students who are living in the UK, because you can use Quidco to get some cashback if you print digital photos from Snapfish, buy groceries from Tesco, book hostel from Hostelbookers or buy phones from Carphonewarehouse, among other merchants that you can use. For those not living in UK, you can also benefit by doing sign ups or by using merchants who provide digital services.

I, myself, don’t make much off these things in a year because I never remember to use them but I hope there are people out there who can make use of Quidco!