Free stock photos and images

I am sure many of you would be delighted to know that there is a search engine that specializes on free stock photos and images. Yes, is a photo search engine which has indexed millions of freely licensed photos from many photography sources on the Internet. This basically means you can search photos gathered from many photography websites conveniently at one integrated search!

Best is, the website is completely free to use… and it’s very intuitive too! Let’s try to search for “sexy eyes” and see if it returns some eyes that can shock us!

The result it returned was pretty impressive. Lots of pretty eyes… 169 pairs of pretty eyes to be exact. All of them are sourced from Flickr, and the result screen provides some quick but helpful information about those photos, i.e. the license type, the photo’s resolution, and user’s rating for the photo.

Sexy eyes

The photo details page offers a lot of information about the photo; such as the photographer, tags, license type, a feature to report copyright infringement, and best of all other photos from the same photographer.

Most of the photos indexed by this site are free to use, even commercially. is certainly becoming my source for photos when I need them in my blogs… well, next to Google’s very own images search.

Photo collection

If you took a moment to sign up membership with Everystockphoto, you can do much more… rate, tag, collect and comment on the photos. It’s fun dragging photos onto your photo collection, and removing them by dragging them onto the dustbin. Make sure you check out this website today!