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Google’s WebP to Replace JPEG

11Oct2010 Filed under: Search Engine

Images undoubtedly make up a large percentage of data, reportedly up to 65% of the total bytes that makes up the data on the Web. In its efforts to make the Web faster, Google has come up with a new file format, known as WebP to further compress the file size of these image files.

Google New: So What’s Really New At Google?

4Oct2010 Filed under: Search Engine

These days, with so many new features, software, browsers, plug-ins, and whatnots, coming out of the Mountain View, California company, how does one keep up with the relentless outpouring of new stuff from Google? Easy! **With triumphant music blaring in the background!** Introducing the new Google New! Google New is a one-stop page to help […]

It so happens that I just got one of those emails. The title of the email says “Are Leftover Onions Poisonous?” Now what do I do? Do I forward it to my friends and ask for their opinions? And appear stupid if it turned out to be a hoax? Truth or lie? Nah, I’ll just ask […]

This pretty cool website allows you to run a blind test on the three major search engines at the moment, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft’s Bing!. Now, search results have always been a very tight competition between tech companies as it is probably the main website that people visit and being ‘famous’ for providing consistent and […]

Scoopler real time search engine

13May2009 Filed under: Best of the Internet, Search Engine

Dying to know the latest scoop online? Here comes Scoopler! Scoopler is a real time search engine created by AJ Asver and Dilan Jayawardane. Yes, you heard it right – real-time! The main factor that got everybody into Twitter frenzy lately. Scoopler gathers all the real-time results from the web, and presents you the most […]