Scoopler real time search engine

Dying to know the latest scoop online? Here comes Scoopler!

Scoopler is a real time search engine created by AJ Asver and Dilan Jayawardane. Yes, you heard it right – real-time! The main factor that got everybody into Twitter frenzy lately. Scoopler gathers all the real-time results from the web, and presents you the most relevant and breaking news available based on your keyword search.


The page is divided into 3 columns. The middle column shows the live updates of your search. Once you mouseover any particular result, the updating will pause temporary for you to scan through the content and find your best pick. At the same time, two option buttons will appear:

  • “Peek” to preview the content before navigating to the real site; and
  • “Shared” that allows submission to Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and more.

Live search result

While some might not appreciate Twitter to dominate most of the “Live” updates, you could still head over to the right column for less-active but Popular picks. Browsing through the links, or have your results shown in videos or images. It is mentioned that the service will include blog comments and more live videos soon.

Popular picks

However, it would probably be a good idea to include an advanced search feature so users could filter out some dominating search results like Twitter; or even categories ranging from news, blogs etc. Overall, Scoopler is still an awesome idea to capture real-time results and offer web users an alternative besides the usual search engines.

What do you think of Scoopler?

Any chance for real-time search engines to overtake Google in the long run? What expectations you have for the developers to enhance their current service? Kindly share your views in the comment section below.