I love Google Chrome

Back in August, Google was making a big hype about their brand new application code named “Chrome”. I wondered, “What could this new application be as it’s causing so much hype? It must be big!”. A couple of weeks after the announcement, I found out what was this new application. It turns out that to be nothing more than a new web browser. I felt a mixture of disappointment and excitement. Like most other people, I wasted no time and downloaded the new application. After two weeks of playing around with Google Chrome, I’m here to talk about what I love and hate about this browser from Google.

Google Chrome

Picture sourced from Google Chrome I choose you.

If you used Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7, then you’ll be right at home. Google Chrome features the same tab system that can be found in the other popular browsers. In fact, rearranging the tabs in Google Chrome is much faster, and easier than in Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7.

Another feature which Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7 users will enjoy in Google Chrome is importing all of your bookmarks into Google Chrome, it is fast and simple! When I used Google Chrome’s import bookmark feature, it imported all of my bookmarks under a minute!

Google Chrome browser

Although Google Chrome basically features similar to Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7, there are other things with this browser that truly set it apart. For example, I enjoyed Google Chrome’s welcome page. This welcome page features a list of your most visited websites, recent bookmarks, and recently closed tabs. It’s so convenient to go to your most visited websites now!

Incognito window

There’s another feature that Google added to Chrome that I find really funny called the Incognito Window. The Incognito Window allows the pages you view to leave no traces behind in your browser history or search history. Not only that, there won’t be any cookies too! This should suit people who likes to get naughty at work I guess.

Other than the above, creating a new bookmark in Google Chrome is a lot faster than creating a bookmark in Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 combined! Don’t believe me? Download and try Google Chrome for yourself today and you will see.

Last but not least, what amazed me with Google Chrome is that it didn’t come with any glitches! Why did I make this point? Usually with a new Internet browser, it usually comes with a lot of glitches (e.g Firefox 3’s “Sorry This Page Is Busy” message every time I visit AOL). I have used Google Chrome for two weeks now, and I have yet to face a crash. 🙂

The only thing I hate about Google Chrome is the way the bookmarks are organized. Accessing your bookmarks in Google Chrome is very difficult. In fact, I found myself using the welcome screen to access my bookmarks. Weird, you may say! Also, I would love to see add-ons capabilities for Google Chrome like what you have in Firefox. Add-ons will extend the capability of Google Chrome, making it more features rich.

Despite my initial feelings for the Chrome browser, I think it has a defiant shot in taking down big time Internet browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. What’s ironic is that I found myself using Google Chrome more than Firefox 3 now!