Check Google PageRank and Alexa Rank in Google Chrome

You can easily check a website’s PageRank and Alexa rank in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Just install and use the Google Toolbar and Alexa Toolbar. In Firefox, if you do not like the Google Toolbar, you can use a nifty plugin called Searchstatus to do the job effectively – this is one of my favorite plugin for Firefox.

Unfortunately, up until now Google Chrome, still doesn’t support plugins. So, as much as I love Chrome, when I need to check a website’s PageRank and Alexa rank, I still need to switch to Firefox. Not very time saving of course.

Google Chrome PageRank

However, big thanks to the boys at, they made available a Javascript Plug-in that allows Google Chrome user to check the PageRank and Alexa rank of websites, effortlessly!

Good thing is, this javascript bookmarklet can be used in any browser, even FireFox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Simply drag and drop the bookmarklet (go to to get it) to your bookmark toolbar and click on it when you want to check the rankings. Really easy to install and use… go get it, Chrome users!