Google New: So What’s Really New At Google?

These days, with so many new features, software, browsers, plug-ins, and whatnots, coming out of the Mountain View, California company, how does one keep up with the relentless outpouring of new stuff from Google?
Easy! **With triumphant music blaring in the background!**
Introducing the new Google New!
Google New is a one-stop page to help us keep track of all the latest Google technology streaming out from all of Google’s blogs and services in the internet.

Google New logo

Ok, Let’s surf over there now and see what’s new!
Click on Google New (http:/ to open it in a new window.
If you’re reading this article in Oct 2010, let us try and find the piece (NOT the video at the top!) on the new Google Instant which came out in Sept 2010. Can’t find it on the first page? Too many feature updates and what-have-yous in the way? You get the idea?

Google is a big company which is coming out with lot of updates and new features to existing programs and services. In the space of less than a month, it has already came out with lots of new stuff; some are big – like Google Instant, but many are not so well known, like those you see on the page. Which is why this Google New is handy and for keeps, as I often have to find out about Google’s new stuff from other blogs and new sites. With this, I can check back every now and then for the new stuff. This one-stop page is something like Google Accounts’ ( page, where you can keep track of all the Google services you had ever signed up for (under the same email address).

While we’re still on the subject of Google, also check out these Google pages:

Google Image Labeler (
This is like a game where you can have fun labeling images with a random internet partner selected by Google. Only catch is, while you’re having fun, you are also working for Google for free labeling all the images found by its search engine. This is Google’s bright idea to label all the images found by its search engine without paying any interns for the job. They found lots of people willing to work for free – one of which is YOU, of course! 🙂

Me? At the very least, Monkey#99 work for peanuts, so I refuse to hang around there any longer than necessary. :/
So I digressed. But from a management point of view, this is so much better than crowdsourcing, as you don’t even get paid peanuts. From a worker’s point of view, this is fun; which was what you had had, if you had tried out the game. 😀

Very Short Review: Addictive, but you may end up feeling lower than a monkey – for not even getting peanuts for your effort.

Google Pacman (
First seen on Google’s search page on May 22, 2010, which was Pacman’s 30th anniversary. AFAIK, this is the first playable search page ever. And it delighted bored lunch time surfers everywhere for 3-5 days before it disappeared from the web; but later, it has been given its own page due to threats of anarchy from disappointed office workers. If you had played it and missed it, now you know where to find it again.
Tip: Set this as your homepage instead of the default Google search page for the nostalgia, OR to surprise your grandma*. -_-
Very Short Review: Nowhere near as good as the original; but will do for a little lunch break distraction. 😉

Google Labs (
Here you can check out Google’s latest ideas and technologies, fresh from the lab. So many things to play with, if you have the time.

Until the next article, have fun! 🙂

*Be close at hand to perform CPR if needed. -_-