Firefox vs Internet Explorer

According to the latest statistics from W3Counter, Internet Explorer is still the favorite browser among Internet users. Internet Explorer 6.0 has a 49.54% market share, while the latest browser from Microsoft, Internet Explorer 7.0 has the 2nd largest share at 16.82%. That gives a total of close to 70% market share! This is not surprisingly […]

Speed up Outlook

I am sure most of you who use Outlook will experience this. After one or two years using Outlook, the number of emails you have received over the years run into the hundreds or even thousands, and the folder tree on the left pane of Outlook is starting to look like Jalan Bukit Bintang at […]

Recall sent emails in Outlook

I believe sometimes you landed yourself in a situation where you want to stop an Outlook email from being delivered and read. You tried desperately hitting the “Esc” key on your keyboard, but this doesn’t help much… There may be times where you send an email but quickly realize that you didn’t mean to send […]

Copy and paste data from DOS screen

If you’re still using DOS or console mode programs that output results to the screen directly, you maybe looking for a way to capture what’s displayed on the screen. There is no popup menu, no drop down menu… so, how to copy and paste data from and to the screen/program? Let me share with you […]

Minimize all open windows quickly

How do you usually minimize open windows or running programs on your Microsoft Windows powered PC? I bet you click on the minimize button located at the upper right corner of a window/program to close it. There is nothing wrong with this, but this layman’s method is too slow if you want to get to […]

Save GIF Animations in Outlook, not as BMP files

It’s really frustating if you would like to save a really nice gif animation file in an email you received in Microsoft Outlook. This is simply because Microsoft Outlook does not allow you to save gif animations within an email, though I think Outlook Express does. I think Outlook has this limitation most likely due […]