Save GIF Animations in Outlook, not as BMP files

It’s really frustating if you would like to save a really nice gif animation file in an email you received in Microsoft Outlook. This is simply because Microsoft Outlook does not allow you to save gif animations within an email, though I think Outlook Express does. I think Outlook has this limitation most likely due to security concerns since gif animation might be a virus or some harmful scripts in diguise.

Anyway, is there a way you can force Outlook to save an animation as a gif animation and not as a BMP graphic?

Microsoft Outlook

Of course, there is a way. The easiest layman way is just to forward the email containing the animations to yourself again, exit Outlook and then start Outlook Express and receive the email with the animation in Outlook Express. Or forward it to a web-based email account such as your Yahoo or Gmail account and you can certainly save your gif animation files from these accounts.

This sounds good, but is there a better way? Of course, if you do not mind playing around with a few advanced settings. Microsoft guru Robert Sparnaaij has made a step-by-step guide at his How-to-Outlook site: Save Embedded Pictures in Their Original Format.