Speed up Outlook

I am sure most of you who use Outlook will experience this. After one or two years using Outlook, the number of emails you have received over the years run into the hundreds or even thousands, and the folder tree on the left pane of Outlook is starting to look like Jalan Bukit Bintang at rush hour… this is just getting out of hand.

Outlook starts to react slower and slower. So, how to speed up Outlook? The answer isn’t simple, because a lot of reasons could slow down Outlook… but one of the simplest thing you could try is to switch off the Outlook feature – “Name Smart Tag” in the message header and checks the user’s Instant (Windows) Messenger status.

Speed up Outlook

Step by step how to turn the setting off:

  • Go to Tools > Options > Other.
  • Uncheck the setting “Enable the Person Names Smart Tag”.
  • Exit and start back Outlook

As simple as that. When that is completed, you should notice a slight increase in Outlook’s speed particularly when you change from one email message to another. If you didn’t see any increase in speed, then perhaps something else is causing Outlook to become slow, such as hugh PST files (Personal Folders Files). 🙂