CES 2009: New HP Laptops

The tech industry is facing a slump, but for some that means innovation and will be the key to success. The annual Consumer Electronics Show 2009 saw a subdued reaction this year, but that had not prevented HP from revealing some new laptops coming out during the event. In total there were five new laptops, […]

USB 3.0 specification to be unveiled

The USB 3.0 specification, a next-generation high-speed connection standard is coming out way! The specs will be formally announced next Monday at the first SuperSpeed USB Developer Conference in San Jose, CA. It will then be handed over to early adopters who plan to design products utilizing the much faster USB 3.0. Guess what, USB […]

Intel Core i7: Codename Nehalem

There’s no doubt that Intel has been wildly successful ever since they launched their line of Core processors. Previous to that, the desktop processor crown belonged to AMD for a good few years and their Athlon line-up, but unfortunately they didn’t manage to keep up with the rising costs of fabrication. The faux-pas with AMD’s […]


I know you just love netbooks – those ultra light-weight laptops with unbelievable capabilities. I myself begin to fall in love with light-weight laptops too, in particular this Asus EEE PC 701 4GB which retails at about RM1,000. EEE – Easy to learn, easy to work, and easy to play On Moresales.com.my, a Malaysian webstore, […]

Virtual Machines: What, How and Why would I want to run a computer within my computer

Introduction I will try to make this as easy to understand to the common user as possible. However, the introduction will be a little bit technical, so please skip to the next section, The Necessary Software if you want to get to the gist of the article. For the rest, read on to the wonderful […]