Fujitsu laptop offers free upgrade every 3 years for life

Fujitsu Siemens has come up with a very interesting proposition to attract more consumers to buy their notebooks. The LifeBook4Life deal allows you to buy a Lifebook series laptop from them and than get a new Lifebook every three years for the rest of your life!


How it works is really quite simple. You buy a Lifebook. Then, you pay a US$60 fee and register your new laptop with Fujitsu Siemens. Then, after three years, you mail in your old Lifebook and they send you a new one. Simple like that. That’s a lifelong laptop supply for the price of one!

Of course, your Fujitsu laptop has to remain in warranty to qualify for the replacement. That means, no mods, no cheap other name parts in it and etc.

If you are interested, check out the LifeBook4Life mini site.